Family like atmosphere. I couldn’t have gotten through my pregnancy healthy without Dr. Spaulding.

—Jenny Martinez

As soon as you walk in you feel comfortable! Everybody is nice and cares! She takes the time to know you and her adjustments don't hurt me! I'm so blessed to have found this chiropractor!

—Kylie May

I have been going to this chiropractor for two years. I saw Dr. Erin throughout pregnancy and she successfully helped me to avoid a repeat breech, and alleviated specific aches and pains that were preventing sleep. My entire family (baby/children/husband) also saw her for numerous months after a car accidwent and we received excellent care. The office staff is friendly and the office is very family-focused. My kids look forward to their adjustments. We continue to go as need arises and for regular chiropractic care/maintenance.

–Debra Dunaway

Dr. Erin is incredible. I went from a chiro who was nice, but a bit rough. Since this was my second pregnancy and high risk, i went hunting for a gentle chiro experienced in pregnant women. I found Dr. Erin through word of mouth. The adjustments are always gentle, effective and led by my concerns. They don't just assume if they straighten your spine all is well, but are very open to rechecking an adjustment until relief is felt and assessing all joints (my shoulder was out once! Who knew?). My baby girl loved bumping around in my belly and now that our whole family goes, she always nurses better, sleeps well and has a nice vood afterwards. Besides being excellent at their jobs, the entire staff is pleasant and caring so I always stay longer than my appointment!

–Lexi Richardson

I have gone to several chiropractors before and they only ever spot treated after the first visit. Dr. Spaulding has treated me almost like it was my first time every time. She begins with my feet and works her way up then stops to ask if there are any spots that are feeling "off". She is mindful and present and I have always left feeling as if I were her only appointment of the day. It is quite evident that she loves what she does. 

—Anabel Borbón

Had my first visit with Dr. Erin today! Such a warm and inviting office. It was my first time being adjusted and I am 22 weeks pregnant! She talked me through everything and made me feel very comfortable. Can't wait for my next appointment.

—Haley Gomez

Dr. Erin Spaulding is absolutely amazing! She adjusted me during pregnancy, postpartum, and now regularly, as well as doing adjustments for my daughter. She truly cares for her patients, physically and mentally, and is such a calming and positive person to be around. We always leave feeling so much better, relaxed, and happy. She was also so reassuring and helpful immediately postpartum when I was adjusting to being a new parent and needed advice from an experienced mom.

—Sarah Chasez

I had the pleasure of seeing Dr. Erin and her children at the playground this evening. Her exceptional care helped my lower back pain throughout my pregnancy, and when my son was a year old she performed a gentle adjustment on him as well. Before my son's adjustment he seemed ready to walk but not fully comfortable. Dr. Erin predicted that after his appointment he would begin walking very soon. He took his first steps that same day just a few hours after we left the office! Thank you, Dr. Erin, for your wonderful care!

—Melissa Cunningham


Dr. Erin was lifesaver for me and my daughter! From birth, Alice struggled with nursing on my right side, leading to horrific pain for me and frustration for her. I was so ready to give up. My lactation consultant deduced that birth trauma made it difficult for Alice to latch properly and recommended I visit Dr. Erin. I noticed a huge difference after the first visit, and the problem had completely corrected itself after a few more visits. We're still breastfeeding 14 months later and I absolutely have Dr. Erin to thank for that! Needless to say, our future babies will be seeing her right away :-) Thank you so much for getting us on the right track!

—Naomi Libby


I wouldn't survive pregnancy without Dr. Erin! I go weekly and it keeps me comfortable and when I'm having any pains one visit and they are gone!

—Aubrey Scantlan Hutchings

I love Dr.Spaulding. She really cares for you and your children. She knows what she is doing and I love that she knows a lot about alternative medicine and essential oils.

—Dilenia Reinhart


We have been going to Dr. Erin for a few years now, not only was she there for me during the birth of my first child, but when I was overdue with my second and my OB was putting on the pressure to get labor started, I went to Dr. Erin and she adjusted me, and applied a bunch of oils, and I went into labor that evening! Beautiful VBAC experience! The first thing we did after we got out of the hospital was take my infant in to get adjusted! I trust her, she even adjusted me on my wedding day, right before I walked down the isle, because I had slept wrong on my neck! What a life saver! Oh yeah, and my toddler had a bunch of ear infections, but when I started taking her to get adjusted regularly, they stopped! The knowledge I've learned from her, and am still learning, has helped me take charge of my familys health, and I feel confident that chiropractic is the way to go!

—Chelington Moto


Dr. Erin is wonderful! She is worth the drive every month for my family to get adjusted! So caring and very specific. She takes the time with our bodies and only does what's needed. 

—Kerrye Tabaczka

Dr Erin saw us asap and even on her lunch break :) My baby girl (2 weeks old) got adjusted and now has no problem tilting her head back with ease to better help with breast feeding. Thank you :) 

—Jennifer Pate


Dr. Erin is so amazing! We were recommended to her by our midwife for our little one. Parker did not like to lay on his back, his belly, rock and play, or car seat. Since seeing Dr. Erin he is a different baby :) he is more smiles and less (much less!) tears. He also had a big bump on his head from having to be tugged on when I was in labor and she has fixed his little head! Seeing her work on my son is just the neatest thing, and knowing it helps him makes me so happy! She has also adjusted me and it has made sleeping comfortable again! I wish I knew about her during my pregnancy, because I have a feeling I would have been much more comfortable. Parker and I love our weekly visits to her office! Thank you Dr. Erin, see you next week! :)

—Meaghan Duffey


Dr. Erin Spaulding is a phenomenal chiropractor! I have seen her go above and beyond for not just patients, but fellow humans. Dr. Spaulding goes out of her way to care for not just my family but many other families. If you're entire family is looking for a chiropractor with integrity, knowledge and time - look no further than Dr. Erin Spaulding.

—Nicole Robins-Bowling

I am 32 weeks and I had the best sleep that I have ever had yet, since this pregnancy! It was wonderful, I felt so refreshed and today has been a good day! {All this to say thanks for taking such good chiropractic care of me, Dr. Erin}

—Jillian N. Shilling


My two year old is scared of a lot of things, but getting adjusted is one thing that he is not afraid of, thanks to Dr. Erin. 

–Kaitlyn Marks


Dr. Erin has so much love in her heart. She truly cares about her patients health. When you meet her you can see it in her eyes. She is a healer! Her room is always filled with toys for little ones to stay busy. My children love getting their adjustments and look forward to seeing her. Even my stubborn husband knows when he gets adjusted he's in good hands. We love you Erin and we are blessed to have you!

—Angie Sherman

My daughter was gaining weight slowly her first three months, just barely a pound per month. Since we've been seeing Dr. Spaulding she has been averaging more than a pound and a half per month! Nothing else has changed so I definitely attribute the change to her treatment.

—Kassondra Coxson


If you want to feel better-go here! I've had a lot of Ear nose and throat problems my whole life.... Erin fixed the problem I've had that NO doctors could tell me what I had or how to fix it. Love her!!! She is the best!

–Ashley DeVito


I had Dr. Erin attend my birth and she was so awesome! I had back labor and I don't know how I would have made it without her!! She adjusted me throughout my labor and after I delivered she adjusted my newborn daughter. She is very knowledgeable, thorough and she knew exactly how to help manage my pain. Not to mention she was so encouraging and uplifting. I am encouraging all my friends and familly to see Dr. Erin!

–Chandy Kime Kelly

Erin is awesome! My whole family gets adjustments from her several times a year, including my 1 year old. My wife saw her during pregnancy as well. Great family practice, all the staff are very nice and welcoming.

—Alex Taylor


WE LOVE DR. ERIN! She really is patient, kind, and gentle. She takes care of our whole family!

–Jenny Hudson


Thank you for squeezing Brooke in today, she may not have been happy then but she sure is now. She's like a brand new baby!

—Marie Sanders

Dr Erin is amazing. I trust her...especially with my newborn!
Thank you!!

—Kate Finnerty-Johnson


After seeing Erin for the first time in years I am able to look back over my left shoulder and no pain. Shes wonderful and so gentle. If your looking for a Chiropractor shes the one to see.

–Karin Wyandt


Dr. Erin Adjusted my baby boy at 2 months old because he kept grunting alot like he was in pain every time he stretched and after just a few adjustments the grunting stopped and he was sleeping and breathing a whole lot better. She was wonderful with him and very knowledgeable.

—Ashley Elizabeth Hurt

Prenatal, postnatal, infants, children, men, women she does it all, and does it well Dr. Erin is a God Send.

—Allika Garries-Alce


Dr. Erin Lynn Spaulding is AWESOME!

Bethany Pease Sheets


Dr. Erin is such an amazing doctor and person. I couldn't have made it through my pregnancy without her.

Jennifer Lee Loseke

Thank you Dr. Erin for giving Sarah her first adjustment right after birth! We had an amazing birth and are so thankful you were there to adjust mom and baby and all of the help and support you were to our family....we expect that you will be there for all of our babies to come!

Jami Thompson


Love taking my lil babe to see Dr. Erin!
She helps us tremendously!!

–Marie Sanders


We first started seeing Dr. Erin a few years ago. I had a pinched nerve in my neck and wanted to avoid conventional methods (DRUGS) of pain relief. Within a couple visits I was good as new. I soon found out I was pregnant with my daughter and Dr. Erin was an important part of the pregnancy. She helped me have a comfortable pregnancy and successful delivery (I believe!) I had a lot of pain and discomforts in my prior pregnancy and only wish I had known about her then!

Dr. Erin is a wonderful chiropractor and person. She handles my children like she would her own and they love her and ask to go to "the doctors" all the time. Can't recommend her enough!

—Shelby Jones

I first met Dr. Erin when I was 31 weeks pregnant with my fifth baby. At that time he was still breech and always stayed over towards the right side. After just one adjustment with Dr. Erin he moved over to the left side and after the second adjustment he went head down and stayed that way until I gave birth at 39 weeks. What a relief to be able to find help like this! At the time I had another male chiropractor, but there was no way he would have had any idea how to help with something like this.

–Julie Paten, Altamonte Springs


Dr. Erin is one of the best chiropractor's around! She takes her time with each patient and I never feel rushed at an appointment!! Thank you for all you do for our community!!!

—Brooke Simmons


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